Wholesale & Retail Landscaping Supplies

At Landscape Depot’s Framingham, Massachusetts mulch facility, you can find high quality mulch. Our vast selection of mulch is available for all of your landscaping project needs. We have Hemlock, Kid-Safe Playground Mulch, Pure Pine, EnviroMulch, and Woodchips for sale. Call today for our current mulch pricing, or for directions to our Framingham, MA location.


Our most popular product. Quebec's finest hemlock finely ground mulch provides a beautiful contrast with a natural brick color.

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Pure Pine

A highly aromatic double ground fresh pine produced here in New England.

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Enviro Mulch

An environmentally friendly triple ground blend of native hard and softwood fibers composted to produce a rich mulch.

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Kid-Safe Playground Mulch

Double ground mulch made with native New England Pine Bark for playground under surfacing to help reduce the risk of injuring children.

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Wood Chip

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