Wholesale & Retail Landscaping Supplies

How much do I need?

You could click on our Calculators section to determine your needed quantity.  Or, measure the length, width and desired depth, multiply those three measurements together, (making sure every dimension is in feet), and then divide by 27.  The number you calculated would be the number of cubic yards needed for your desired area.

What types of mulch do you carry?

Please click on the Products - Mulch and Soil section and review the five types of mulch we carry with a brief description of the type, color and price.

Does the price include delivery?

No, the delivery is an extra cost.  You may pick up your own mulch at our conveniently located supply yards.  Minimum size vehicles allowed are pick-up trucks with an 8 foot bed. 

What types of pavers do you carry?

Please click on the Products - Pavers section and review the different types of pavers we carry.

Do you split pallets?

Yes, but there is a $20.00 pallet splitting fee and pavers are sold in full sections only.  Also a 10% surcharge is applied to all open pallet sales.

What is Landscape Depot's return policy?

Due to the nature of our product any potential returns must be approved in writing from a Landscape Depot Market Manager. Landscape Depot reserves the right to refuse the return of any products.

Can I order online?

Yes, you can order mulch online at mulch.landscapedepotsupply.com

Can I get more than one product delivered at a time?

Call any Landscape Depot location and customer service will assist

Do you have a specific area that you will deliver to?

Any place those 10 wheels will take us!

Do you offer Design work?

Yes, take advantage of our design center to help make your vision a reality.

Do you offer Gift Cards?


Do you sell to the public?